The first annual Fecht Fest music and art show is in the books.

Two days, fifteen plus bands, an art show, and a massive hangover. That's right, the first annual Fecht Fest is in the books. The first annual Fecht Fest is a combined effort between Mr. James Fecht and The event took place in Kearney, NE, at the best venue in town... "The Otherside".

Mr. Fecht is a big fan of art and music and invited me to exhibit artwork at the event. Not only did I display the work I've created under Dillon's Diabolical Designs, but I also brought with me my new side project titled, "Halloween Hot Rod". The show was a success and I had a great time. I met a bunch of new bands, gained some fans, and headed for the mosh-pit.

As I understand it's an annual event, with that in mind... I can't wait until next year. In the meantime, I'll leave you with the original promotional video from the event below to bring back the memories. Party on.