Slantpiece “World Of Chaos” T-Shirt Design.

Hands down, my favorite Slantpiece tune is “World Of Chaos”, it’s the perfect soundtrack to your favorite friendly mosh pit fueled riot. It has that heavy modern metal vibe with badass guitar tones, brutal vocals, and killer backbone drums. Be sure to check out Slantpiece via their Facebook page.

These killer-awesome shirts are two-sided and the back will feature lyrics from the song.

Now… is the time

Now… we shall rise
Gather the masses
Onward into battle

No retreat
It’s now or never

World of chaos

These shirts are coming soon to a Slantpiece show near you. This specific shirt will be a small limited run... so you will want to put yourself in gear and move that rear. Thanks again to Slantpiece for the business and keep jamming the metal tunes at ear-blistering volumes.