Farmer Brown’s Field Of Screams, Haunted House Experience.

Farmer Brown's Field Of Screams

"If you build it, they will run." - Farmer Brown

There is a new hunted house experience in the Kearney, Nebraska area and it's called, "Farmer Brown's Field Of Screams". I was contacted by Mr. Brown to create an illustration, logo, and poster for the event.

The illustration features a the character, "Farmer Brown". Farmer Brown is holding a razor sharp hay hook, while standing next to his terrifying tractor that is covered in skulls, blood, and oil. In the background, you can catch a glimpse of an old rundown barn with the letters H, E, L, and P; written on the front in blood.

Due to the nature of the all-new attraction, the recommended age limit is 13 and over. The horror experience is on the R-Rated side, children under age 8 will not be allowed. This should be one ultimate fright of an event.

The attraction features the following bone-chilling horrors...

  1. Haunted Hayrack Ride
  2. Psycho Path
  3. The Van, Down By The River
  4. Hellbilly Hideout
  5. Farmer Brown's Farmstead

The event will be located at 2174 28th Road, Kearney, NE 68847.
The price is $20, cash only, and the fun starts September 30th.

The attraction will be open on the following dates...

  • Sep 30th-Oct 1st
  • Oct 7th-8th
  • Oct 14th-15th
  • Oct 21st-22nd
  • Oct 28th-29th

The hours of the event are 7PM-11PM, parking lot opens at 6:30PM.

You folks have yourselves a Happy Halloween.