Empires End Stage Scrims.

Empire's End Stage Scrims

Stage scrims are important; it’s all about the marketing. Nobody in the crowd yelling, “What band is this?” or “Who the hell are these guys?” anymore. They will know who you are and they will buy your awesome albums and t-shirts. I was commissioned by heavy metal band Empires End, out of Kearney, NE, they asked me to create their new band logo and matching 5 ft. × 5 ft. stage scrim set.

I worked with their guitarist Mr. Wryan Carpenter. He is also the bass player in Slantpiece! His vision was to have a design that utilized two capital “E” letters facing each other. So I was handed the reins and here are the results.

While you’re on the web, head over to Empires End’s Facebook page and give them a listen. Empires End is also releasing their debut E.P. next year on February 27th, so be sure to write it down on your calendar and schedule yourself to party!