Custom decal artwork for one-man band, “EL JEFE”.

I recently was commissioned to illustrate a one color sticker design for the band "El Jefe". El Jefe is a one-man band, lead by Mr. Vic Giron and based out of McCook, Nebraska. The guy can do it all, sing, guitar, train whistle, and the drums. If you haven’t heard his live act, check out some videos on his Facebook page. I’ll post a link at the bottom of this article.

As for the illustration, I was given one hundred percent complete freedom. I just happen to like the monsters, so I went straight up brutal and fun, but with a meaning. “El Jefe” is Spanish for “The Boss”. So what we have here is a zombie style lion skull representing the boss, crushing a human skull representing death. The meaning is to conquer death.

The illustration utilizes mechanical pencils and ink. I’ve included some photographs in this article so you can witness the creative process as it unfolded. Share this with your friends, neighbors, etc., and have a most excellent day.