“Best Of Battle Award”, that was fun.

Last month on Thursday, October 17th, the first annual “Battle Of The Arts” show was held at The Otherside in Kearney, Nebraska. What a great time, I had fun and met some really interesting people. The Kearney’s Jaycees presented the show and did an amazing job putting everything together.

One picture above is my completed artwork piece from the show, the other picture is the supplies I could use for the project. Each artist was given 30 minutes and a different set of tools and mediums to complete their art. The event had around 20 spots and each spot had its own unique challenges.

I just happened to pick number 13 from a random drawing. This is the very first time that I ever used a shelf piece from an old entertainment center for a canvas and it worked out pretty decent. Hope you enjoy my contest entry and I cannot wait until the next event.