The aftermath of a paint and sip house party.

I visited my local ROSS store for this project and purchased some really inexpensive canvas and pastels. Next, I headed to the liquor store to buy some beer, Kinkaider's "Devil's Gap Jalapeno Ale" to be exact, I highly recommend it. Finally, it was time to head to the party where everyone was painting and drawing whatever they wanted.

I managed to get a nice buzz going and these are the pastel sketches I managed to whip up. The party was a ton of fun and I might use these for Halloween decorations. Hope you enjoy my "pastel chicken scratches".

Note: Normally, I do not buy art supplies from ROSS... I was in a hurry. If you're ever in downtown Lincoln, I recommend Gomez Art Supply. The place is awesome and reminds me of an old-school art class.